Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Al Giordano: Chronology of an Authentic Netwar

(Because he was not posting on the MJ decision, Michael Hawkins had the time to alert his reader to this important report on the Bolivian uprising.)

Bolivia: Chronology of an Authentic Netwar

"In case you blinked – because it all happened so fast – I’ve prepared this summary of the action-packed series of breaking news reports from Luis Gómez and our entire team in Bolivia, and the considerable helping hand lent them from diverse points in our América and around the world.

As during previous hours of crisis, the lies got swatted down, the truths were shone bright, new advances were made in how to wage a popular Netwar, and Authentic Journalists drove, in recent days, the coverage of most Commercial Media organizations to be more truthful than ever before when reporting events in Latin America…"

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