Sunday, January 15, 2006

Oregon Literary Review: 1.1

Their first issue is online and features:

Fiction by Michael Hollister, Judy Wilson, Peter McDonnell, Jeff P. Jones, Mary Rechner.

Plays by Vincent Kovar, Fred D. White, Robert Caisley, Martin Burke, Sherrie J. Lyons, Rob Carney, Bill Teitelbaum, Vicki L. Wilson, Stephen A. Schrum.
Screenplays by Lisa Frank, Adriane Rainer, Weston Miller, Bill Ballard.

Essays by Claude Clayton Smith, Elizabeth Flood.
Experimental writing by Joel Weishaus, Ron Singer.

Requiems by Stephen DeCesare, Douglas Knehans.

New music by Nathan Wright Shirley, David See, Leonard Dumitriu, Andrian Pertout.

Music drama by Jason Heald.

Music criticism by John Jarvis, Hernan D. Palmieri.

Photography by Peter Ciccariello, Timothy M. Leonard, Annie Dawid.

Paintings by Kenney Mencher, Laura Eklund, Daniel Petrov, Tatyana Uspenskaya-Murphy.

Prints by Robert Canaga.

Animations by Mike Chappell, Joon Sung, Matt Calvert.

Code Poetry by [[mez]].

Haiga by Pris Campbell.

Editors' Showcase

Fiction by Joshua D. Weber.
Art Song by John D. Nugent.
Screenplay by Jeremiah Rickert.
Play by Charles Deemer.


John said...

Nice plug. Thanks.

John D. Nugent
Music Editor, The Oregon Literary Review

Thivai Abhor said...

Glad to help out John,

A very impressive issue!