Sunday, June 10, 2007

Media Czech: Fun at the Creation Museum

Fun at the Creation Museum
by Media Czech
Bluegrass Roots

This Saturday, I made my much anticipated field trip to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, a $27 million monstrosity devoted to religious fanaticism, disguised as “science”.

Two of my heretical friends and I ventured an hour north up I-75 from Lexington, just short of Cincinnati, to discover a museum full of shocking idiocy and unintentional humor.

Early in the museum, the visitor is given advice on the proper mind frame to have for your visit: “Don’t think, just listen and believe”. As you can see in the picture below, Human Reason is the enemy and God’s Word is the hero. Descartes represents Human Reason, saying “I think, therefore I am”. But God tells us there no need to waste your beautiful mind, for God says “I am that I am”.

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DFV said...

I fully realize that you (or your organization) may not wish to be aggressive in regards to a subject like creationism, but I thought you might want to help distribute a list to scientists who really are concerned about the new Creation Museum.

Let’s face it: we’re at war. And when you don’t have any money to help your soldiers, you wind up giving them whatever ammunition you can and in any form. In my blog, under the heading “Help for REAL scientists”, is a lengthy annotated list culled (mostly) from Answers in Genesis. It took me a very long while, but I went through most of the names of the “scientists” who support Ken Ham and the Creation Museum and made some comments. See if you or anyone you know can pick out some names and, if possible, refute their claims.

If each scientist in a particular field concentrates on refuting just 5 "scientists" think of what an impact that would make! Please share this list with any scientist or groups of scientists you think might use this bit of “ammunition”. If you have any suggestions for other writers, editors, or associations I might contact, please feel free to do so.

I really hope it helps.

Dan Vojir
San Francisco

You can also view some of my comments about the situation at: