Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Open Source with Christopher Lydon

Open Source with Christopher Lydon

Online radio show (also can be heard on NPR) that has a wide and fascinating range of subjects, complete with extra readings/viewings linked at the site, and that encourages listener discussions.

Examples of recent shows:

Hillary Clinton's War Vote
Wednesday, June 06
Norman Mailer’s ‘Long View’
Tuesday, June 05
The Plague: Camus’s Fable in Our Time
Monday, June 04
Deploying. Again.
Thursday, May 31
Baseball: The Dominican Pastime
Wednesday, May 30
South Africa in Context: The Story of Mac Maharaj
Tuesday, May 29
William James: Son, Brother, Hero
Monday, May 28
Notes From New Orleans
Thursday, May 24
Passion: Libraries
Wednesday, May 23
The Varieties of Faith and Reason, Take Two
Tuesday, May 22
Hitchens v. God
Monday, May 21
Comey’s Dissent at Justice
Thursday, May 17
Mortgage Meltdown
Wednesday, May 16
Equity: More Private, Less Public?
Tuesday, May 15
The Spread of HIV in Africa
Monday, May 14
The Gold Rush for Financial Information
Thursday, May 10
The New Age of Old Age
Wednesday, May 09
Ishmael Beah: Boy Soldier
Tuesday, May 08
Re-Broadcast: Japanese Baseball
Monday, May 07
France: The Sarko vs. Ségo Prism
Thursday, May 03
Iraq: Military Self-Critique
Wednesday, May 02

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