Saturday, November 03, 2007

Buddy Guy and Co.: Legend Among Legends

Buddy Guy and Co.: Legend Among Legends
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In addition to being one of the hardest-working performers in music, Buddy Guy also owns the most successful blues club in Chicago. His new album, Bring 'Em In, features guest performers from Tracy Chapman and John Mayer to Keith Richards and Carlos Santana.

For the collaborations, Guy and his friends reworked songs from Curtis Mayfield, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. The record is the latest landmark in a career full of them: Buddy Guy pioneered electric Blues in Chicago, and he has influenced guitarists and singers for generations.

Buddy Guy was born in central Louisiana in 1936. By the time he was 10, music had become a favorite hobby. Guy got his first guitar as a teenager, and a few years later, he set out for Chicago with a friend. There, he started the career that, decades later, would include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame asking for that first guitar.

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Brown-Forman Midnite Ramble
Five-Time Grammy Award Winner Buddy Guy
Friday, November 9, 8 p.m.
The Kentucky Center
Whitney Hall


Rainbow Demon said...

Thanks... Mucho appreciato.


Anonymous said...

Just dropped in and I always like to say hi.
I'll ave to check out Buddys music.
Jim Baldwin
Spokane WA

Thivai Abhor said...

RD and Jim--glad you liked it.

I've seen Buddy twice and he is amazing... I remember seeing him at a bar on the St Louis riverfront and he had a long chord hooked up to the electric guitar and strolled out into the busy roadway and just blissed everyone on the street out for a good 10 minutes before strolling back into Mississippi Nights...

Thivai Abhor said...

Jim... definitely, Melanie should be let in...