Monday, November 26, 2007

Homeland: Whose Home, What Land

(Studets asking me about anarchism...a repost)

In my summer course we are currently reading Homeland (Seven Stories Press, 2004) by Dale Maharidge and Michael Williamson.  The first section tells the story of Katie Sierra the teenage anarchist who was thrown out of school for a shirt she wore to school and her attempts to start an Anarchy club at her high school in Sissonville, West Virginia.
Well after discussing anarchy with my students, and later with Melissa, I realized that I have only a passing knowledge of the founding ideas of anarchism and that I needed to revise some of the stereotypes about anarchist activists that I had received from the media.   So I sought out a few handy guides online and will search for a couple of books to fill in the history of anarchism.  As always I would appreciate some suggestions/comments, especially about anarchist histories.
What is Anarchism?
Anarchist Sampler
Anarchist Library
Anarchy Archives
Infoshop: Online Anrachist Community
Anarchist Theory Guide
Spunk (Anarchist) Library
Anarchist Black Cross Network
Anarchist Action Network
Institute For Anarchist Studies
Anarchist Federation
Anarchist People of Color Website
Black Ribbon Campaign
Daily Bleed: Anarchist Encyclopedia
Daily Bleed: Anarchist Timeline
Anarchist News Service
Phoenix Anarchist Coalition
Anarchist Communitarian Network