Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Center for Media and Democracy: Welcome to the Fifth Annual Falsies Awards!

(Courtesy of Media Matters with Robert McChesney)

Center for Media and Democracy: PR Watch

Vote Falsies 2008! It's your chance to vote for the worst candidates -- and enjoy it.

Each year, the Center for Media and Democracy sponsors the "Falsies Awards" contest to shine an unflattering light on those responsible for polluting our information environment. As you look back at 2008, who stands out, for their shameless spinning?

Please rate our Falsies nominees (listed below), and tell us who you think should win our "Readers' Choice" Falsies. We're also asking you to sincerely nominate people or groups who have championed honest discourse over the past year, for our "Win Against Spin" Awards.

Please fill out the survey by 5:00 pm (U.S. central standard time) on Monday, December 1, 2008, to make sure your votes are tallied. You can vote for multiple winners in each category; our awards committee will factor that into their deliberations. Please note that you must vote on at least eight of our nominees for your ballot to be counted. (We don't need anyone stuffing our Falsies!)

Thanks for your input, and stay tuned to for a revealing look at our Falsies Awards winners, in December.

This year's nominees are:

Welcome to the Fifth Annual Falsies Awards!

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