Saturday, November 01, 2008

I Will Vote for Barack Obama as President on November 4th

I have struggled with this decision for a long time because I am a supporter of Ralph Nader and Independent politics. I voted for him in the last two elections and do not regret that decision.

Some reason why I will vote for Obama:

Recently, I have been involved with some long passionate discussions with respected friends on the upcoming election and they have played a role in this decision.

I have looked on in horror as John McCain's campaign have continuously taken the low road in this campaign and demonstrated that they are continuing the politics of the Bush Administration.

I can in no way imagine Sarah Palin as president--frankly the idea scares me.

The hanging of the Obama effigy in Lexington, KY and a honest heartfelt email from a friend explaining why the past and present racism of his relatives is moving him to cast his vote for Obama.

The optimism that Obama has engendered in many of my students and the desire of the world to see him as our next president.

The fact that John McCain has been one of the strongest advocates of deregulation. His long association with Phil Graham (who famously dismissed American citizens worries about the economy as evidence "we are a nation of whiners"). McCain's slow response to the economic troubles and his claims that everything was fine up until the massive failures.

Obama was a professor of constitutional law. It would be interesting to see what an intellectual president would be like.

I have little faith in the ossified Democrat party which has taken part in the continuing destruction of the U.S.A. Unfortunately, I feel we are at a pivotal moment and we simply cannot risk another Neo-Conservative Republican administration. I still support and admire Ralph Nader, but I will be voting for Barack Obama this time.

Finally, Colin Powell, who has learned many hard lessons about the current Republican agenda, why he is deeply troubled by the direction of his own party and clearly explains why Obama is the better choice:

Vote on Tuesday! What would happen if we had a historic vote and proved that we give a damn about the direction of our country?


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you have not been assimilated...yet! Seriously, excellent choice and post my friend. The thought of Sarah Palin anywhere near the controls of power should send rational people screaming in terror to the voting booth. I have already voted up here, even though this state has ZERO chance of going red.

Hope all is well with you and the clan in Ca. Say HI to your mom and dad for me.


Thivai Abhor said...

Good to hear from you Abby!

I will--we are heading to Costa Rica for Christmas Break!

I hope you are doing good and thriving in your deep red region! Kind of funny, once again, how to dedicated left-minded radicals ended up were we did :)

Jack Lacton said...

Sitting here in Australia watching the US campaign and hearing people say that McCain has taken the low road in this election certainly does have me shaking my head.

Who played the race card? Not McCain.

Whose supporters are involved in massive voter registration fraud? Not McCain.

Which campaign is allowing contributions on its website from overseas and from the same person multiple times? Not McCain.

The current financial problems are a function of government regulation not deregulation.

Obama will regulate things like nobody has ever seen before, which will weaken the US.

Out here in the rest of the world a weakened US is not what we need.

Susannity said...

Jack, you are entitled to your opinion of course, but Greenspan himself admitted just yesterday that it was the deregulation that is causing the economic meltdown here in the US. This is not a spin issue.

Thivai, ditto on all your points. I mailed in my ballot a few weeks ago. I sure do hope Obama wins. And I've been reading Free Lunch during this time period (on the last chapter now) and wow, the 'spreading the wealth' BS that McCain and Palin are saying and then you flip to that book. So sad it's not funny.

Thivai Abhor said...

Jack--thanks for letting us know that there are uninformed people all acorss the globe...

one last question... who will be president... :P

I voted for Obama

Thivai Abhor said...


Greetings on the brink of a new day for our country. It feels good :)

Jack fears redistribution of wealth yet has no problem when that redistribution has been historically upwards over the last three decades...

Jack, maybe you didn't get to see much of our campaign in Australia, here's a recap of how John McCain lost