Monday, May 25, 2009

Bookworm: Jonathan Carroll -- The Ghost in Love (2008)

Jonathan Carroll -- The Ghost in Love
Bookworm (KCRW: Santa Monica College)
Host: Michael Silverblatt

Although he would never want us to say so, Jonathan Carroll's novels are like metaphysical self-help books for the supernaturally inclined. In this conversation, he talks about life, death, and the difference between them—and other much more joyful subjects.

To Listen to the Interview and Read an Excerpt from the Book


pumpki&mo said...

this is so interesting- i'm so pleased with getting this novelty. i immediately liked the story from the short summary, so i just listened to the first 5 minutes and .. well, i'm delighted and i wonder why i haven't heard of caroll before. i guess after having finished listening to the interview there remains nothing else to be done than to order it ;)

thank you!

Michael Benton said...

You are welcome Rosalie, I hope you enjoy it.

I have enjoyed Carroll ever since his first book The Land of Laughs.

I liked the pictures of your carving!