Thursday, May 28, 2009

KEXP: Music That Matters

One of my favorite music podcasts these days is Seattle radio station KEXP's Music That Matters Podcast... I'll link their blog (which archives infrequently and not always effectively), so I recommend you get it through a podcast subscriber to make sure you get all of the shows as they are released and, if the mood strikes you, you can burn a copy for repeat listening.

The two shows I listened to tonight (and burned):

John Richards hosts Music That Fucking Matters Vol. 30, the first in a series of podcasts featuring music that John would like to share with listeners, but cannot play due to FCC regulation against profanity on the airwaves.
1. Slam Suzanne - I Like To Say Fuck
2. Brazilian Girls - Sexy Asshole
3. Darc Mind - I'm Ill
4. Thom Yorke - Black Swan
5. A.R.E. Weapons - Fuck You Pay Me
6. Thee Emergency - Get It Up
7. The Gits - Here's To Your Fuck
8. Partman Parthorse - Don't Fuck With the Horse
9. Moto - I Hate My Fucking Job
10. The Trucks - Titties
11. The Grates - Inside/Outside
12. The Heavy Hearts - Spit When You Say My Name
13. Viva Voce - We Do Not Fuck Around

Cheryl Waters picks up the pace as she gathers her favorite songs that have come out recently, including a bunch of locals acts like Telekinesis and The Ironclads, blistering tracks from Elliott Brood and Chuck Prophet, and upbeat tunes from BrakesBrakesBrakes, The Thermals, Obits, and more!

1. Neko Case - People Got a Lotta Nerve
2. The Ironclads - Step to the Sea
3. Navigator vs. Navigator - Old Time Radio
4. White Rabbits - Percussion Gun
5. Phoenix - Lisztomania
6. Man Plus - 911
7. Elliott Brood - Fingers and Tongues
8. BrakesBrakesBrakes - Crush On You
9. Telekinesis - Great Lakes
10. Harlem Shakes - Sunlight
11. The Thermals - Now We Can See
12. Cymbals Eat Guitars - Cold Spring
13. Dan Deacon - Paddling Ghost
14. Obits - Pine On
15. Handsome Furs - I'm Confused
16. Parts and Labor - Nowheres Nigh
17. Buraka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro feat. DJ Znobia, M.I.A., Puto Prata
18. Chuck Prophet - A Woman's Voice (LIVE ON KEXP)

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