Saturday, July 04, 2009

Walker Machinery Company (aka Walker Cat): Mountaintop Mining

(Thanks to Brandon Absher for sending this out and Joseph Trullinger for the blockqouted comments)

To Read the Corporate Manifesto-Pamphlet

"As if it mattered, more
bugs are killed overwhelmingly by car windshields
than on mine sites." (p.18)...

What about the bugs that are killed underwhelmingly? Goodness knows that many of my bug killings do not overwhelm the bugs.

“Flattening mountains” is merely a provocative term. It’s against the law and
has no proof in fact." (p.9)

What does it mean to prove a term, or a fortiori, to prove a term in fact?

"In no way has
mountaintop mining destroyed this land. It is useful, dynamic, and resourceful
and will be for years to come." (p.9)

"The restoration develops
beautifully over time. Unfortunately, most never get to view these areas as
mining areas still under bond are off limits for public safety reasons." (p.10)

"The positive transformational role coal
has played for mankind has not been truly appreciated.
It has brought us through two world wars, the Korean and
Vietnam experiences." (p.16)

... I'm confused. ... since when does anybody except Ernst Jünger (et al.) use wars as their go-to/ready-to-hand examples of a "positive transformational" phenomenon for "mankind"?

"Man has shown himself compassionate and willing to sacrifice for the intrinsic value and beauty of the planet and all lower forms of plant and animal life. Our coal miners protect our environment and make that great sacrifice for our
quality of life every shift." (25)

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