Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sociological Images: On Deadgirl, The Movie

On Deadgirl, The Movie
by Lisa
Sociological Images


I’m not sure what to say except:

1. It’s pretty disturbing to me that the reviewers of this movie almost unanimously think the movie is awesome and see no issue with the subject matter or plot line. That the primary critique of this movie seems to be its “pacing” or that it has “too much atmosphere” speaks to how normalized sexualized violence against women has become in our society.

2. I don’t understand why, when something is gross, horrifying, shocking, or offensive, we call it “edgy” or “original.” There is nothing original about rape and sexual objectification. Nor, apparently, is it marginalized enough to suggest that it’s on the edge. Are we really that dumb, as consumers, that we fall for this?


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