Saturday, October 10, 2009

Freakonomics: A Terrible Book

A terrible book... typical economic wunderkind believing they can explain the world through random data analysis and poor theoretical analysis ... stunning in its blindness to bigger issues that are behind the figures (teachers cheat to satisfy No Child Left Behind requirements--has nothing to do with the ridiculous nature of the larger systemic absurdity, just an individual failure) and larger problems with reliance on figures wholesale (yes, mainstream media presents a supposed two sided story, but what is left out--this myopic economist never asks or recognizes this problem)


Eric Schansberg said...

Independent of the merits of your complaint/review, I would note that a far more common error is the belief that economics explains little of the world around us-- or at least, that which is not politically expedient.

Also quite common: the belief that politicians and entertainers are competent in economics.

Michael Benton said...


1) Ideas are not independent of one another.
2) An even more common error is the belief that economics professors know what they are talking about;
3) But then, if you can believe the stories of the Bible, then I guess you can believe anything.
4) I completely reject your belief that people outside of the field of economics are unable to understand the world around them.
5) It is amusing that you used the phrase "politically expedient" as it is no doubt a favorite of conservative economics.