Thursday, October 08, 2009

Seeing Red Radio: May Day 2009, Pt. 1

May Day 2009: Pt. 1
Seeing Red Radio

This is the first musical installment of our two-part series celebrating this Day of International Workers’ Solidarity. First, we remember the late Black Panther leader, Fred Hampton; then we address police brutality, Katrina, Tookie, Lebanon, the demonization of undocumented workers, the anti-war movement, the grueling exploitation of workers everywhere, and the necessity of organized workers to fight back with words from Fannie Lou Hamer, Martin Luther King Jr., Kwame Ture, Jon Stewart, Maurice Brinton of Solidarity, Bill Moyers, Noam Chomsky and the dueling reconciliation hypocrisy of Democrat Nancy Pelosi and Republican Greg Judd.

Solidarity Pamphlet from “For Workers’ Power: The Selected Writings of Maurice Brinton”, edited by David Goodway, published by AK Press

Freddie Ain’t Dead – Rollingcalf (Seeing Red Radio Mix)
Kalakuta Republic – MixMaster Mike, Lateef and Gift of Gab of Blackilicious
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Fiffteen – Family Values
Katrina, Tookie, and Illegal Immigrants – Son of Nun
Let Them Eat War – Bad Religion
Got to Fight Back – Civilianslave
Join the Union Tonight – John Handcox
Minimum Wage Strike – David Rovics
Stab Them or Shoot Them – Utah Phillips with Ani DiFranco
Which Side Are You On – Pete Seeger
Use Your Cobra Skulls – Cobra Skulls
There is Power in the Union – Billy Bragg
Homefront – Tree
Understanding Marx – Red Shadow
You Ain’t Been Doing Nothing If You Ain’t Been Called a Red – Faith Petric
The Internationale – Billy Bragg

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