Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gabrielle Caroti and Lili Chin: Opening Seen - An Annotated Soundtrack

Opening Seen: An Annotated Soundtrack
By Gabriele Caroti and Lili Chin
Project New Cinephilia

Opening Seen debuted in March 2008 at the Whitney Biennial, as part of a live broadcast on Neighborhood Public Radio, a guerrilla radio group which sets up temporary booths and broadcasts content via FM radio and over the Internet. It was then streamed a month later on Viva Radio, an Internet radio station where Gabriele Caroti hosted a weekly radio show called “The Thicket.” The annotations appear here for the first time at the Edinburgh Film Festival’s “Project: New Cinephilia” web site, along with the entire program, which is free to download.

An Italian suspense movie marks the journey for a sonic exploration of images; the only challenge is to see with your ears. Our passage into the realm of filmic sounds from opening scenes seeks new and random encounters where the esoteric and pop collide. But these aren’t just soundtracks, they’re suspense-less chases in early ’70s Po valley, pale and silvery moons in medieval Japan, Raquel Welch in stirrups, cardboard + rubber cement galaxies with mutton chops in tow, car crashes in Australian meadows, Alice in Wonderland, and more. Starring Amon Düül II, Jerry Goldsmith, Fumio Hayasaka, Mauricio Kagel, Carl Stalling, Daffy Duck, et cetera.

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