Friday, December 09, 2011

Common Sense with Dan Carlin: Shows #207 - 212 -- Reflecting on a Time of Civil Unrest

[Dan Carlin is one of my favorite independent, conservative thinkers and I appreciate his insights -- in these series of episodes he reflects on current events, including the Occupy Movement]

Show 207 - Stirring The Pot

Bringing people together is on Dan's mind today as he looks at Truth, protests, Pan-National anger and the theoretical idea of a Goldman-Sachs-like entity outing itself as the global overlord.

1. “Tony Bennett Changes His Tune on 9/11 Remarks” by Brian Canova for ABC News (The Note), September 21, 2011.

2. “Trader Alessio Rastani To BBC: 'Governments Don't Rule The World, Goldman Sachs Rules The World' ”

3. “As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe” by Nicholas Kulish for The New York Times, September 27, 2011.

Show 208 - The Fruits of Disillusionment

Dan unveils a new streamlined show format while tackling an issue he dealt with in the last episode...the Occupy Wall Street protests.

1. “The Tea Party loses another round” by Dana Milbank for The Washington Post, October 15, 2011.

Show 209 - A Show in Pieces

What happens when Dan meanders too far down an intellectual tangent to find his way back to the point? You get "A show in pieces"

Show 210 - Second Guessing the Navigator

Who is setting the national agenda and how do we feel about their choices? Dan discusses everything from the conflict between liberty and democracy to the ability of governments to solve social problems.

1. “The Wrong Inequality” by David Brooks for The New York Times, October 31, 2011.

Show 211 - Tyranny of the Unwise

Is it possible that a political system based on voting and elections has less of a chance of producing wise leadership than a monarchy or dictatorship? Dan tries to look at this heretical idea with an open mind.

1. “China mocks U.S. political model” by Patrice Hill for The Washington Times, November 9, 2011.

Show 212 - The Very Velvet Fist

What if pepper spray or other modern crowd control tools had been available during the Civil Rights era? Dan looks at the challenges the protest tactic of civil disobedience faces in a 21st Century world.

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