Thursday, July 20, 2006

Franz Kafka: I Write Differently...

I write differently from the way I speak, I speak differently from the way I think, I think differently from the way I should think - and so it goes on into the darkest depths of infinity

(Letter to Ottla, July 10, 1914)


memsamechnun said...

You obviously loved Gass' review in Harpers' of that recent Kafka Bio! Fabulous!

I see you're looking good and hear you're in love ;-) I hope the rest of the great battle is faring as well!

Thanks for dropping in!
There's a lot going on with me. I think i'll be in touch sooner or later.

Jam Rek
(my sister says this means "peace only" in Wolof (sp?) of Senegal

- mason

Michael Benton said...

I haven't read the review bu the latest issue just showed up so I will be sure to read it.

Unfortunately my "love" is lost and thus my silly laments :)

Please let me know how you are doing Mason--I'm going to be in Baltimore/DC area early august--how close is that to you?

Jam Rek my friend

Joseph K said...

Lovely to see someone else quoting the master on the blog!

Michael Benton said...

Thanks Joseph,

I also like your Kafka quote and discussion about the effect of one's "environment"