Saturday, July 29, 2006

Who Cares--Should We (nothing to do with the post, just wondering)

Interesting lecture (if you have never read a book), I like the concept of "attention" as a cultivated skill (absolutely this must be spread in any way possible--I commend you, of course you are selling this idea, so disregard my kudos)... an awareness of the world and a desire to truly to engage with it (not simply browse or skim our way through it--oops isn;t that the new corporate culture skimming and scamming--yes, think less and absorb more). It’s a techno-geek lecture, it is a bullshit business, lets conquer the world rah-rah, but it raises many important questions through its corporate-speak and led me to think a lot about the competing interests that divide my attention these days. Wow, though, this is corporate thought--at its finest--incorporating whatever keywords and ideas that may be flowing in our society and trying to make them profitable... this is one of the most laughable things I have ever listened to.. can you imagine sitting in the audience?

Once she gets going she synthesizes some great thoughts but it is always in the strategy of denying others to do the same--listen to her keywords:

“Stone explores the last two decades of information technology and our ability to deal with and manage our daily lives together with new breakthroughs. While the period 1965 to 1985 was highlighted by the collective ideal to value self expression, the eighties and nineties were about a shift to a networked, constantly connected lifestyle. The former instilled a narcissistic quality in us, and influenced the drive for the trust in networking and collective intelligence seen in the latter period. Today we are confronted by an inability to manage crisis. We long for a sense of protection, meaning and belonging. In a world of interconnected communities and constant background noise, the overriding question is: what do we really need, and what do we need to pay attention to?”

To listen to the Program

Hey I'm not disconnected--are you?

“Like a dream … Nothing surprises us in it—with no regret, we agree to live in it with strangers, cut off from our habits.” (55)

Lennon, J. Robert. “Happyland: Part I.” Harper’s (July 2006): 37-56.

Hello to the first speaker--we need no more addictions, there are plenty that we already need to get rid of...

Why can't I just go HOME where everyone knows my name--come on everyone you know the song!

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