Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Unwelcome Guests #618 - The Consolidation of Police State USA (The Ongoing American Military Coup)

Episode #618 - The Consolidation of Police State USA (The Ongoing American Military Coup)
Unwelcome Guests

We start the show this week with an interview of two regular contributors to the show, Peter Dale Scott and Peter Phillips, who each highlight different aspects of Police State USA. The interviewer is Gary Null from the Progressive Commentary Hour, who begins with a 20 minute summary of his objections to the present state of the US nation, with an emphasis on the shrinking Civil Rights and the countervailing unaccountable (and increasingly violent) corporate hierarchy. Peter Dale Scott highlights the importance of the Sep 11thactivation of COG in the effective repeal of the Posse Commitatus Act of 1878 and the steady removal of the US Constitution. Projected Censored's Peter Phillips emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between big media and the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex in keep the typical US citizen spellbound in front of a screen, in unthinking obedience to the same system which is stocking up on ammo and preparing huge detention facilities for imprisoning Americans. Gary Null's angle is continued exasperation at the failure of anyone to challenge the ongoing descent into fascism.

In our second hour, we hear an disturbing interview with Frank Morales on the bigger picture of the ongoing militarization of USA. He begins by describing an essay on "The American Military Coup of 2012", a fictional essay written 20 years ago which describes the coup as "the outgrowth of trends already visible as far back as 1992" such as "the massive diversion of military forces to civilian uses, particularly law enforcement".

As domestic dissent is becoming more widespread, more violence is needed by the US government and its legal maneuvering become ever more ridiculous. Morales talks about the Military-Media complex, since perpetual reinforcement by the media is required to keep people confused, afraid and submissive to the iron fist which is ever more clearly visible below the velvet glove of 'democracy'.

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