Friday, May 07, 2004

Teacher Suspended for Showing Eight-Graders "Inappropriate Video"

Unbelievable! This documentary is really quite tame (other than one scene of Insane Clown Posse and their fans) and it was a PBS Frontline documentary. Of course it does raise difficult questions about predatory business practices that target the young. To see the video Merchants of Cool.

(Posted by Professor Pan at Media Squatters)

"Teacher Suspended for Showing Eighth-graders "Inappropriate" Video"

A Sandy business teacher is on administrative leave after showing her eighth-grade class an inappropriate video.

The Albion Middle School principal says he received phone calls yesterday from parents whose children told them they watched the video Tuesday.

The documentary called ``Merchants of Cool'' depicts American marketing strategies executives use to sell products to teens. The video contained sexuality, violence and foul language.

It aired on the Public Broadcasting System in 2001. And though the PBS Web site says the viewers' age level should be at least ninth grade, school officials say the movie is not appropriate for any age level.

The teacher's name has not been released. The school plans to send students home with letters of apology today.

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