Monday, October 18, 2004

Conversations With a Conservative, Pt. 2: John Dean

Conversation With a Conservative: John Dean

In the second of four filmed conversations with prominent conservatives who are taking a stand against the policies of the Bush administration, Mother Jones speaks with John Dean, former White House counsel under President Nixon. When he came to write a book about the Bush government, Dean ended up picking a title he never thought he'd have occasion to use: "Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George Bush."

In the interview, he tells Mother Jones:

- "Today people are dying as a result of abuses of power. And tomorrow, given some of the policies, it may get worse."

- "I barely recognize the Republican Party today. In the Republican Party that I was active in, it was really a party of moderation. What I think the party is dominated by now is a radical philosophy..."

- "This is a good government issue, not a right-left, Republican versus Democrat issue."

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A full transcript of Dean's comments can be found HERE

The interview is the second in a series of conversations with prominent conservatives to be released on MotherJones.

Conversations With Prominent Conservatives

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