Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Kath at Random Thoughts is Mad and she lets us know exactly why:

I'm mad that we weren't told the real reasons we invaded Iraq. I'm mad that the government did everything it could to mislead us into believing that Iraq was an imminent threat bristling with biological, chemical and nuclear weapons that it desparately wanted to use on us. I'm mad that a report that definitively states that we were wrong on all counts about what was happening in Iraq is actually used by the Bush administration to defend the invasion. I'm mad that we can't seem to have an honest discussion about all of this - that accusations of aiding the enemy, disparaging our allies, being unpatriotic and disloyal are the constant responses to legitimate complaints. I'm mad that no-one has been held accountable for the mistakes that Bush can't admit.

I'm mad that we're being so overtly manipulated time and time again that my ability to believe what my government tells me has eroded to the point where I find my own own president and his men fundamentally lacking credibility.

I'm mad that I'm not proud of my country.

I'm mad and I don't want to take it any more. The only way that can be true is if Kerry wins in November and I desparately hope he does. If he doesn't, the Bush administration will interpret the win, no matter how close, as a seal of approval on their policies domestic and foreign. We really can't let that happen. We can't.

So vote Kerry. Do everything you can between now and 11/2 to put the truth front and center, to challenge the lies of the Bush administration, to make a credible case for Kerry. We don't have to exaggerate to do so. We don't have to fan fears of the draft or disappearing social security. We can be honest about our candidate, admit his imperfections and express concern about campaign strategies we dislike. We can defend his policies and his record effectively. We can use facts to challenge his opponent. We don't have to ape the antics of the right to defeat it. If we do, we defeat ourselves.

So let's do what needs doing, hit the streets and the phones and the Internet, full court press until the election is won.

It is our future after all.

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