Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Recommended Blogs: Et Alia and Red Harvest

Two recommended blogs:

Et Alia provides political and cultural posts with nods to fellow progressive bloggers. I really dig the hard boiled-noir motif.

And speaking of hard boiled motifs, I'm assuming this blog takes its name from one of my all-time favorite detective novels. Red Harvest also cuts along the progressive edge of political and cultural life, but isn't afraid to buck a trend, as can be seen by this latest posting about the Sinclair Group and attempts to gte the FCC to yank the Swift Boat movie.


The Continental Op said...

Bless your counter-hegemonic heart for the kind words and publicity. You are, of course, correct in identifying the source of my blog's title. A lover of all things Hammett, I even moved to San Francisco, at least in small part, so that my wife and I can live out our "Nick and Nora Charles" fantasies on location (we even thought briefly of naming our child "Asta", but decided that would be over the top).

I'm glad that your link led me to your site, which looks like just my cup of tea. I will add you to my own links list, and to my regular reading habits.

Avanti populi,Eric (Red Harvest)

Michael said...

dobrý voják Švejk,

San Francisco is easily one of my favorite haunts. I just got accepted to give a presentation at a big conference in the spring that will be in downtown SF.

Its good to meet another person familiar with Red Harvest--brutally good reading.

As you can tell I'm enjoying your site. I'm in the midst of a few writing projects, but when I free up I'll visit some more and write responses.

Thanks for the link to Wallerstein and insights!