Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Christian Warning on Protecting Against Media Bias

Good advice... The Christian Century gives me hope in these days of Christians who are not Christians...

Reprinted in The Christian Century

Media bias:

Christians, by reason of their commitment to a higher authority, should be wary of official versions of the truth—not just those from governments, but those from the media as well. The range of news stories is often limited, and the point of view inevitably carries bias. Here are some strategies for overcoming news media bias: Seek news sources outside the U.S. Become alert to the bias built into mainstream news coverage. Ask yourself whose voices are getting a hearing in the news coverage. Pay attention to the framing of a story. Is some larger narrative suggested? Ask yourself how many viable options are portrayed in the news. For example, are only two extreme examples posed as possibilities? Look at the stories that get buried deep in newspapers. Why don’t they get more prominent play? (Currents in Theology and Mission, February).


La Madre said...

what do you mean Christians who aren't Christians?

Michael Benton said...


Although I don't practice the Christian religion and am somewhat of a pagan... I was raised in the religion by devout believers and read the bible front-to-back five times by the age of 12...

According to my understanding of Christ's doctrines and teachings, many of our Christian leaders are either opportunistic manipulators who do not really believe or have twisted the faith to suit their needs. Of course part of the problem is the close interweaving of the values of capitalism with Christian doctrine (when Jesus in the bible was much more communal and egalitarian)

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