Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Guides to Understanding "Globalization"

(I put this together for students--feel free to suggest other sources)

Globalization Guide

Globalization: A Primer

Landscapes of Global Capital

Alternet: Globalization Coverage

Globalization: Key Concepts

Manfred Steger's Seminar on Globalization

PIPA Introduction to Globalization

Radical Teacher: What is Globalization

UNESCO: 25 Questions About Culture, Trade and Globalization

A Christian Perspective on Sustainability and Globalization

Global Policy Forum's Intro to Globalization

Guide to Understanding World Music Industry

Access Newspapers/Magazines of the World


The Continental Op recommends these books:

Lechnyr & Boli, The Globalization Reader -- a decent collection of
pieces from both "cheerleading" and critical perspectives

Malcolm Waters, Globalization -- a decent overview/introduction to the subject

Jeremy Brecher, et al, Globalization from Below -- exactly what you'd
expect from South End Press

Pierre Bourdieu, Acts of Resistance & Firing Back -- the liberationist
manifesto from My Favorite Frenchman

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