Saturday, April 30, 2005

Katia Dunn Interview with Ian MacKaye and Music from His New CD

A new album by the founder of the influential punk band Minor Threat and later the DIY cultural heroes Fugazi. The last Fugazi CD The Argument (a masterpiece that demonstrated their development as musicians) seemed to be moving toward this direction...

A Quieter Course for Punk Pioneer Ian MacKaye
by Katia Dunn

Listen to Songs from Ian's new CD and an Interview with him

and from All Things Considered in 1998:

"We meet Fugazi, a seminal punk rock band. Their new album is called "End Hits" It's their ninth album in the last 11 years...and as they've done from the beginning, they've recorded and sold their records themselves, shunning the record industry. The band says you can be artistically and economically independent and still succeed."

Listen to the Band

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