Saturday, April 16, 2005

Message From Abby Normal; Al Gore's New TV Show and Rush Limbaugh's Puffy Lips; James Wolcott "On Some Sad Laps, No Heads Bob"

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While we agree with most everything Abby says below, we would like to throw in a disclaimer that we do believe that facts can exhibit "bias" simply because facts (or knowledge) are not strewn about like stones in the pathway waiting for us to discover them, instead we construct those facts (knowledge) and they exhibit the markings of the tools we use to build them.

(A message from Abby Normal.)

Not sure if you were aware of this but a little back info...Al Gore is starting a new TEEVEE network. It will not be along the lines of Faux News, CNN or MSGOP. It is, according to all invovlved, going to state only facts. This is of course much different than anything we have seen in a while, because facts are neither religiously bigotted or partisan. Well the fact that facts are going to be covered now seems to have upset Rush Limbaugh. He had one of his screaming, rambling diatribes calling it the BJ Network. Here is the best commentary on his remarks I have seen....oh and if you post this please do me a special favor and ask that everyone contact the FCC and express their outrage that such shocking language and imagery was used by a charter mouthpiece of the American Taliban.

Limbaugh's Loose Lips Lead to On Air Apology

On Some Sad Laps, No Heads Bob

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