Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 25th Panel Discussion at Bluegrass Community and Technical College: “The Iran Crisis: An Unexpected Consequence of the War in Iraq?”

Dear Faculty and Staff,

In light of the emerging crisis in Iran, several individuals have indicated an interest in having a presentation on the issues. In response to this request, a panel discussion is planned for the last week of classes.

What: “The Iran Crisis: An Unexpected Consequence of the War in Iraq?”

When: Tuesday, April 25, from 6:30-7:45 p.m.

Where: Oswald Building Auditorium (OB 230)


Panel discussion focusing on the historical and political aspects of the current Iranian crisis. Panelists: Dr. Robert Olson, UK

History Professor and Mr. Hossein Motamedi, BCTC Assistant Professor of Political Science and History and native of Iran. Dr. Olson and Mr. Motamedi will each speak for about 10 to 15 minutes. At that point, Dr. Eileen Abel will moderate a question and answer session.

Please come and bring your questions for Dr. Olson and Mr. Motamedi.


jooley said...

i like your blog.

Thivai Abhor said...

Thanks Jooley,

I posted my response at your site...

jooley said...

I like your poems, too. I saw you had a link to Ron Strickland's web site. interesting. I once took a class with him at ISU when I was an undergrad--it was a shakespeare class, a very good class, during the summer.

Thanks for the poetry links.

I wish I could find more of a poetry community nearby, near the U of I, to share poems and socialize with. I haven't really come by much in the way of a serious poetry community around here, but aybe I haven't looked hard enough. It seemed like ISU had all the good stuff like that.

Thivai Abhor said...

I'm a PhD from ISU and Ron Strickland is the chair of my dissertation committee.

Great teacher and person--I felt very fortunate to have learned from him.

I used to work as an editor in the Unit For Contemporary Literature there, a great center of experimental lit/poetry/art and started the Illinois State Film Society (did you ever go to their film showings?)

Did you take writing classes with Curtis White or Lucia Getsi?

Are you doing grad work at U of I? I ask b/c I have a grad student friend in their english dept.

jooley said...

Oh, yeah, I did see a couple of Iranian films there at that ISU cinema society. They were really good movies from what I remember. I believe the titles were Nargesse and the other was something about a white balloon.

Funny thing, I did my bachelor's in marketing at ISU (marketing-what was I thinking?) and got a minor in English, so I didn't get to meet all of the English dept. faculty. Now I have taken a U-turn and have enrolled in various hard-core math/science courses at the nearby community college so that I can apply to the graduate school of biology at the U of I in a semester or so.

I hope to be a really good biologist/biology prof someday.

Are you on the L? the ISU creative writing listserv? If you aren't, then you should be so that you can be well-informed about all things creative writing at ISU. I'll send you the link so you can join.... I am on it, so I just found out that Lucia Getsi is retiring even though I have never met her.

You have a grad student friend in the english dept? Is he single, smart, and good lookin'?

yah, I liked Ron a lot. Ron is awesome. And he has such a great voice, too. He has the perfect lecturing voice--deep, proper, and commanding, and very intellectual sounding.

But, yeah, ISU does have quite the collection of writers and interesting english department faculty...and the town has slam poetry at the coffee house every tuesday (which I can't go to anymore). the writing community there just can't be beat. i miss it. you just don't know what you have until it's gone.

Thivai Abhor said...


Did you know that ISU Film Society is being sued by New Yorker Films? I'm the Michael mentioned on the site as starting the film society (TA is a poorly disguised pseudonym until I get tenure in a few years)

Going further off subject, have you ever read The Botany of Desire by the biologist/botanist Michael Pollan?

Please do send me the link to the lit list-serv and I'll join it to check it out...

I do have a friend in the grad dept at ISU--he is British and finishing up a PhD... I would be happy to introduce you, other than Paul though most of my friends have moved on (as have I)... I do have another friend in U of I's English Dept who is very cool, but he is not single (but they are fun people! many, many wild times!)

Did you ever run across the literary magazine we independently produced at ISU?

I also miss the wild writers/artists I hung around with at ISU... slowly building community here in lexington, but so far it is nowhere the same...