Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nila: Daydreaming

The topic at Saul Williams' site is daydreaming (a favorite) and I liked this one from Nila:

the moon smiled at me twice
and I promise to go silent into his faithful night
while he drowns me in eternal pleading light

my heart pumped rivers
and gave me oxygenated oceans to swim in
and I let go of fear and waded in hope
opened my lungs to breath
and found confidence easy to exhale

he said infinity was only half way to his eternity
and I would need a boat made of trust to sail the rest of the way
he warned me of violent seas wanting flesh
and to remember Neptune was a rapist
for he feared that I could be bait to fill Medusa’s shoes

so I took flowers to Persephone
and she gave me use of the ferryman
but warned me of looking back

and I have never looked back into darkness
but wait for light to heat my skin
the ferryman tells me stories of death
but I cannot listen
for I’ve been there and he is taking me to new life
ask him if he can tell me of living
and he rows me on silent waves
made full by his reminiscing tears

I drink no water and eat no earth
and on the seventh day I see my love laying atop my horizon
a bounty of feathers clutches his shoulders
and I never once looked back
while I bleed upon his staff
he plants drops of me and says orchids will grow
but my dreams smell of poppies
and red snow covers my feet
so he warms me in blue smiles
and tends flowers only made for me

he says one day he’ll teach me of planting dreams
and I find my toes warming in soil
fertile enough for eve-rything
and eve-ning sighs each time he winks at me

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Robert said...

hey, i didnt know u were on tht board and knew Nila, too

im satanmcnugget there

who are u?

Thivai Abhor said...


I'm not on the board, was just visiting and liked what I read--so I wanted to share it.

Thivai Abhor said...

Robert--also, I definitely appreciate your loveecstasycrime weblog--thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Nila, and Rob or should I say Mr. McNugget told me about this site, realy cool, and thank you for posting my poem, I certainly feel special. If your ever back on the site, you should check out some of Mr. McNuggets stuff, he is amazing, truly. Thanks again and great site!!!!!!


Thivai Abhor said...

Nila, your welcome,

Just wanted to bring your excellent poem to more people... I will definitely check out Rob's poetry.