Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wisconsin Public Radio: Here on Earth

I like exploring the world, but under my present circumstances of being a new professor and trying to pay off debts I can't explore all the cultures/places I would like to... that's why I really appreciate radio shows like Here on Earth. Below are some recent examples which you can listen to free on the Internet by visiting the archive of past shows


Here On Earth - 04/16K
Living in a Japanese internment camp in the California desert during World War II, Gordon Sato began thinking how to abolish hunger and build a self-sufficient community in deserts. Sixty years later, he is busy teaching a whole nation in Africa how to feed itself. After three, on Here on Earth, join Jean Feraca for a scientist's story of abolishing hunger and poverty.

Here On Earth - 04/16J
After two, on Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders, Jean Feraca talks with the former Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremburg War Crimes Trial, Ben Ferencz (Fer-ENDS) about his life's work to replace "the rule of force with the rule of law."

Here On Earth - 04/15K
Fundamentalist Mullahs (muh-LAHS) in Pakistan have banned music, claiming it's forbidden in the Qur'an (koh-RAHN). After three, on Here on Earth, join Jean Feraca as she talks with a Pakistani rock star who is fighting the ban and the extremist forces behind it.

GUEST: Salman Ahmad (SAHL-man ah-MAHD), guitarist with the Pakistani rock band Junoon and subject of the BBC documentary, "The Rock Star and the Mullahs."

Here On Earth - 04/15J
In May 2002, seventeen year old Said Hyder Akbar traveled to Afghanistan for the summer. He traveled to join his father who was working as President Hamid Karzai's chief spokesman. After two, on Here On Earth, Jean Feraca's guest, born in Afghanistan, but raised in California, talks about his experiences during three visits to his native country.

GUEST: Hyder Akbar, co-author, "Going Back to Afghanistan"

Here On Earth - 04/09K
After eight on Here on Earth, Jean Feraca explores new synergies between neuroscience and Buddhism and a proposal to teach meditation in the public schools.

Here On Earth - 04/09J
She's been called the Rosa Parks of Pakistan and the Mother of a Nation, but her life hangs in the balance. After eight, on Here on Earth, Jean Feraca gets an update on one woman's campaign to fight rape and illiteracy in rural Pakistan.

Here On Earth - 04/08K
This hour on Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders, join Jean Feraca in exploring what hapens when teachers expand their classrooms to the Peruvian Amazon, the Canadian Arctic, and the Tanzanian Serengeti.

Here On Earth - 04/08J
After eight, on Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders, Jean Feraca explores a new post-modern gypsy music coming out of Serbia where the Roma people are struggling to define themselves, and fight for their rights.


Anonymous said...

Hi Thivai,

Thanks for blogging about our show. I was surfing around looking for people who have written about the program and bumped into your blog. I hope you enjoy "Here on Earth" and please consider subscribing to our podcast. You can do that at I-Tunes or at our own website:

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Joe Hardtke
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Thivai Abhor said...

Joe--your show deserves to be heard and it is me that should be thanking you, and your crew, for hours of intellectual entertainment...