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Global Voices: Tunisia -- Police Brutality is Back

Tunisia: Police Brutality is Back
Global Voices

Protests continue in Tunisia, following the declarations former Interior Minister Farhat Rajhi published on a Facebook page called “Skandali”in which he predicts that there would be a military coup, by loyalists of the ousted President, if the Islamist Party Al-Nahdha wins the elections on July 24. He also claimed that Rachid Ammar, Chief of Staff of the Tunisian Armed Forces, went to Qatar to meet with the former President Ben Ali, and that Tunisia continues to be run by a shadow government, headed by a friend of Ben Ali, Kamel Ltaief.


Pro democracy protestors gathered twice during the last 24 hours, on Thursday afternoon and on Friday morning, in Hbib Bourguiba Avenue, to call for the overthrow of the government. On the two occasions protestors were brutally dispersed by riot police using tear gas and batons.


On Friday, however, tension was higher and the police intervention was more violent.
Ben Karim tweets:

Happening right now in #Tunis: Peaceful Protestors beaten and shot with tear gas downtown by the police, #Tunisian police aggression is back

Haythem El Mekki says:

Les flics quand ils arrêtent un jeune se mettent tous a le battre de manière violente en même temps”

When they arrest a young man, all the policemen start beating him at the same time and in a brutal way

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