Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hamid Tehrani: Iran -- Arresting Dogs Again

Iran: Dogs Arrested (Again)
by Hamid Tehrani
Global Voices

Iranian security forces are back in the streets for a sequel to their infamous action of 2007: arresting dogs. The last crackdown lasted only a short time, and the dogs were soon released. According to Iranian newspapers, several dogs were recently confiscated and moved to ‘temporary to jail'.

Iran's government considers keeping pet dogs un-Islamic, but has mostly tolerated it. It is possible that because the people most likely to keep dogs are Iran's urban and educated youth, dogs may be generating more official hostility again.

Animal Persian blog writes with humor and irony about what heavy crimes animal lovers in Iran may face being prosecuted for in the future [fa]:

1- Keeping a dog full time in an apartment

2- Sheltering two dogs as refugees

3- Distributing flyers in favor of dog ownership

4- Creating a blog with a dog name and writing posts about dogs

5- Walking dogs in the street

6- Sending 15 text messages to support animals, especially dogs

7- Owning three books about dogs

8- Suspicious visits to a veterinary clinic

9- Imitating a dog's voice at a student party

10- The discovery two dog food cans in your home

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