Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stanley Aronowitz, Steve Williams and Rick Wolff: A Chronology of Capitalism

A Chronology of Capitalism
Making Contact (National Radio Project)

It’s a time of economic transition, and systems that may have seemed stable over the past few decades are proving to be far from it. But how did we get here? And how can we learn from the past, to build a more fair and just system in the future? While many politicians and pundits claim that no one saw the current economic collapse coming, in fact, we had plenty of warning, depending on who we listened to. This week, we hear from three people who’ve been sounding the alarm about capitalism’s house of cards for years, and in some cases, decades.


Steve Williams, POWER: People Organized to Win Employment Rights co-director and co-founder; Rick Wolff, University of Massachusetts at Amherst Economics Professor and author; Stanley Aronowitz, City University of NY Graduate Center Sociology & Urban Education Professor and author.

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