Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Reith Lectures: Bertrand Russell -- Authority and the Individual

Bertrand Russell: Authority and the Individual
The Reith Lectures (BBC Radio 4)

Part 1: Social Cohesion and Human Nature
In the inaugural Reith lecture, Bertrand Russell examines the impulses in human nature.
First broadcast: 24 Dec 1948

Part 2: Social Cohesion and Government
Bertrand Russell examines the effects of increasing state control.
First broadcast: 02 Jan 1949

Part 3: The Role of Individuality
Bertrand Russell argues for the importance of individual initiative in a community.
First broadcast: 09 Jan 1949

Part 4: The Conflict of Technique and Human Nature
Bertrand Russell considers the role of human nature in the development of society.
First broadcast: 16 Jan 1949

Part 5: Control and Initiative: Their Respective Spheres
Bertrand Russell considers the roles of state control in a progressive society.
First broadcast: 23 Jan 1949

Part 6: Individual and Social Ethics
Bertrand Russell argues for personal morality over tribal customs to guide conduct.
First broadcast: 30 Jan 1949

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