Friday, September 07, 2012

The Reith Lectures: Colin Blakemore -- Mechanics of the Mind

Colin Blakemore: Mechanics of the Mind
The Reith Lectures (BBC Radio 4)

Part 1: The Divinest Part of Us
Colin Blakemore explores the historic concepts of the brain.
November 10, 1976

Part 2: Chang Tzu and the Butterfly
Colin Blakemore discusses why humans need to sleep.
November 17, 1976

Part 3: An Image of Truth
Colin Blakemore explains how the mind creates sight and perception.
November 24, 1976

Part 4: A Child of the Moment
Colin Blakemore explains how the brain creates and stores memories.
December 1, 1976

Part 5: A Burning Fire
Colin Blakemore explores the evolution of speech and language.
December 8, 1976

Part 6: Madness and Morality
Colin Blakemore explores how society attempts to regulate the behaviour of its members
December 15, 1976

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