Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Legal Resources for the Right to Water

The Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) Right to Water Programme recently released a new publication: Legal Resources for the Right to Water: International and National Standards. This publication surveys international and national level provisions and case law giving effect to the right to water. It draws on standards from the human rights, humanitarian, environment and development systems. The document is available in PDF Format. To order a hard copy, please contact cohre@cohre.org.

The guide demonstrates the solid basis for the right to water in international law and the manner in which this right has been implemented in several national legal systems. It provides a user-friendly commentary on the implications of legal standards on the right to water and on the means to implement these standards. This publication is the 8th volume in COHRE’s Sources series, which set out the legal basis for key aspects of housing rights. The guide was developed by Malcolm Langford, Ashfaq Khalfan, Carolina Fairstein and Hayley Jones.

In 2004, the COHRE Right to Water Programme will also release a Manual on the Right to Water which will provide practical information on how to integrate the right to water into water governance. The Manual is being produced with the World Health Organization and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Those who wish to suggest items for consideration or provide comments on the draft are invited to contact water@cohre.org. The Programme has previously produced a user-friendly introductory booklet entitled The Right to Water in collaboration with WHO, OHCHR, CESR and Water Aid, which is also available at Right to Water.

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