Sunday, June 13, 2004

Tell Your Representative to Vote No on Artic Drilling

Tell Your Representative to Vote No on Arctic Drilling

They're at it again. The Bush administration and its allies in the House of Representatives are trying -- again -- to pass a deceptive energy policy. This time they're trying to justify their drive to drill for oil in the Arctic Refuge by saying it's needed due to rising gas prices at the pump.

The House is scheduled to vote the week of June 14th on a bill to allow drilling in the refuge -- America's premier birthing and nursing ground for polar bears, caribou, Arctic wolves and millions of migratory birds. Your Representative needs to hear from you that this shortsighted plan won't fly.

Drilling in the Arctic Refuge would have absolutely no effect on today's gas prices at the pump. Arctic oil would take 10 years to get to market and would amount to only a 180-day supply -- a tiny drop in the bucket of our nation's oil consumption and not nearly enough to impact prices. Consumers would still remain dependent on a volatile foreign oil market, leaving us highly vulnerable to price and supply shocks. And in the process our nation's last pristine arctic wilderness would be polluted forever.
Improving the fuel efficiency of our cars and trucks would deliver far more energy than the Arctic Refuge ever could -- and it would do so more quickly, less expensively and without destroying our natural heritage.

To Contact Your Representative

If you are from Fayette County call on Representative Chandler (if you are from another region the info can be found online--leave me a message if you have trouble) to oppose efforts to open the Arctic Refuge, our last great wilderness, to destructive oil drilling.

Representative Chandler's fax number is (202) 225-2122

You can also call Representative Chandler at (202) 225-4706.

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