Monday, June 28, 2004

Philosophy Now

I found a copy of this magazine when I was in a small town bookstore in Northern Minnesota last week (there is a great independent bookstore scene in this region--I was especially bowled-over by Sister Wolf in the small town of Dorsett, MN). Philosophy Now does an admirable job of presenting philosophical ideas for the layman while fulfilling the needs of practicing philosophers (of course, are we not all philosophers in some way or the other?). In this issue, 45#, they provided the first English translations of the Norwegian philosopher/mountaineer, Peter Zapfe. I also enjoyed Nancy Bunge's essay Love & Logic on how John Dewey's love for Alice Chipman impacted the development of his book Psychology. Lastly, I was very excited to read a news blurb in the magazine that mentioned a new philosophical-themed radio show, Philosophy Talk, being broadcast and archived on the Internet

Check out Philosophy Now

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