Thursday, October 21, 2004

Confused About Who You Should Vote For?: This Will Help You Decide!

Remember what will happen if you vote for Bush. He is planning on passing a series of laws designed to punish us free-loving humans. Here is the first proposed punishment designed to alter your freedom to express yourself

If you like this picture check out the Pinko Feminist Hellcat from which it originated and the Progressive Blog Alliance (don't forget the secret password!)


Susannity said...

lol! Unfortunately, I know people who despise cats so they may switch votes just to kill some kitties. =P

Michael Benton said...

Do not introduce me to them. I despise cat-haters. Seriously messed up, they resent the independence of cats.

That picture made me laugh--I opened it four or five times and kept laughing--the imagery is great... and, for me, it matches some of the reactionary thinking in our contemporary society.

I saw at PBA and your site that you have your first online stalker? What's with that?