Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Nina Berman: Purple Hearts

The Iraq Occupation has largely been an invisible battle for the American people. Sure, we hear reports of attacks and battles, we hear the numbers of Americans dead, and if you know about the Memory Hole you have even seen the coffins coming home, but what is missing is the reality of these conflicts, the voices of the young soldiers returning home physically and mentally crippled, the pain of the families of the dead, and completely silenced, the numbers of dead and destroyed Iraqi families.

Photographer Nina Berman has just released a documentary book called Purple Hearts that through words and pictures depicts the returning wounded soldiers:

Watch Flash Movie and See the Gallery at the Official Website for the Book

Alternet's Evan Derkacz reports on Berman's book:

The Grief of Baghdad

"Real Voices is sponsoring a national television advertising campaign featuring the voices and stories of military families who lost loved ones in Iraq. In "A Mother's Tears", Cindy Sheehan of California talks about her son Casey and speaks out against the President and the lies that led to the war in Iraq."

A Mother's Tears

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