Tuesday, October 12, 2004

U.S. Funds Chat Room Surveillance

US Funds Chat Room Surveillance


Deleted said...

This surveillance is plain old nonsense. Wifi, proxies and stolen identities make it an exercise in futility, that's if the goal is really to catch terrorists. They act as though they really have a chance and know what they're doing.

They'll be going after small fry from the margins of society and the terrorists won't get touched save by good old fashioned human police work. The mathematical models they're going on about are on a par with eugenics studies like the "Bell Curve" and the nutty John Lott's gun study. This sounds like grant fishing to me. Harrumph!

(Did you get my email?)

Michael Hawkins said...

I think anyone who's spent time in political chatrooms over the past dozen or so years knows that this has been standard operating procedure. It's interesting that someone within the governmental structure is copping to it. I guess that, armed with Patriot Act provisions, they figure they can trample our privacy rights in plain view.

Michael said...

Harry and Michael,

This was one of those posts in which I was just in awe of the absurdity of the notion and the sheer waste of energies... money going down the toilet as the teachers in my state prepare to go on strike b/c they only received a 1% raise while at the same time their health insurance premiums were raised by an average of $3,000.

Michael Hawkins said...

Health insurance? What's that?