Thursday, October 14, 2004

What is a Fundamentalist?

1) You refuse to consider any other options and are convinced that God is personally guiding your actions.

2) Your overdeveloped ego and overweening narcissism then distorts this inflated self-worth into a state whereby God has personally chosen you to "save" the nation or the world.

3) Having drifted into this mania you begin to develop a binary mindset in which "we" are good and they are "bad."

4) Eventually your hatred of the "other" becomes your purpose in life and is fueled by your insecurities and inadequacies.

Doesn't matter what faith, what nationality, what gender or what ethnicity you are ... whether you are a terrorist, a teacher, a laborer, a priest, a business
owner or a nation's leader, the results are the same ... violence, oppression, hatred, destruction...

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Deleted said...

Fundamentalism meets all the conditions for a cult.