Tuesday, February 01, 2005

El Oso, El Moreno and El Abogado

My favorite blog--hands down, is El Oso, El Moreno and El Abogado

I was original attracted to this blog when it was just El Oso because it ran regular posts and photos about my hometown of San Diego, CA. Oso's writing intrigued me enough to contact him. Later when it became El Oso and El Moreno the posts started to develop a critical edge, deconstructing the spatial politics of urban areas while retaining an upbeat constructive edge to the possibilities of overcoming our hatreds. Recently with the change to El Oso, El Moreno and El Abogado, they reached out and invited some conservative minorities (for instance the Hispanic Pundit) to post and field responses from the generally left-leaning audience. The result was a good model of how we have much more in common than we may recognize at first and that much can be achieved simply by taking the time to listen to different viewpoints rather than just shutting them out because they challenge us to reassess our own perspective.

Seriously friends, I salute you!

Anyone looking to publish some good essays/photos should contact El Oso--latest example:

Understanding Conservative Minorities, Pt. 1

Understanding Conservative Minorities, Pt. 2

Understanding Conservative Minorities, Pt. 3

Any readers out there--go visit their weblog!


Anonymous said...

What are you teaching now Thivai?

Anonymous said...

Also, I just posted on the Beatbox to explain some things so I hope I see you around.

HispanicPundit said...

Yeah, I agree, Oso's site is great. But that conservative blogger, what's his name again, he can be real annoying. I wish they'd get rid of him!!!