Thursday, February 10, 2005

University of Kentucky Lectures: "Internment and Terror" and "The Japan in Japanese American"

Presentations by John Tateishi, executive director, Japanese-American Citizen's League, as part of College of Arts and Sciences series:

An Interdisciplinary Conversation

1) John Y. Tateishi "Internment and Terror: The Japanese-American experience and threats to national security"
2/16 3-4PM Center Theater

The United States reacted with fear to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. On February 19, 1942, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which resulted in the forcible internment of 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry. More than two-thirds of those interned under the Executive Order were citizens of the United States, and none had ever shown any disloyalty. Mr. Tateishi will discuss his experience, and that of others in the Japanese-American community, in the context of the United States' reaction to 9/11. How are these threats different or the same? How are our reactions different or the same? What have we learned? What should we remember?

2) John Y. Tateishi "The Japan in Japanese-American"
2/17 12:30-1:45 Center Theater

These presentations are part of important conversations begun on campus. The Japanese American Citizen’s league was one of the first to publicly decry the summary detentions following 9/11. Mr. Tateishi draws from his experience of the US internment of Japanese-Americans following Pearl Harbor, and brings important perspective to the current articulations of threats to national security.

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