Monday, February 14, 2005

Lannan Readings & Conversations: William Gass and Micheline Aharonian Marcom

This is highly recommended--both the reading and the conversation. I have to get a copy of The Tunnel and Three Apples Fell From Heaven. The Lannan Foundation is on my shortlist of institutions that make life bearable for me!

William Gass is a novelist, essayist, philosopher, and teacher. Mr. Gass, whose books include Cartesian Sonata, The Tunnel, and Omensetter's Luck, received the Lannan Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997. William Gass states in his essay Culture, Self, and Society , "A culture morally and functionally fails which does not let its crazies, its artists and its saints, its scientists and politicians, claim, on occasion, a higher law than its own congresses can pass, traditions permit, or conscience conceive."

Micheline Aharonian Marcom was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Los Angeles. Her first book, Three Apples Fell from Heaven, set in Turkey between 1915-1917, depicts the Ottoman government's epic genocide of the Armenian population and was named one of the best books of the year by both The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times.

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Unknown said...


1) True. I wasn't taking them [GOP] off the hook for anything.

2) But we should have a free market. However, the Lib's idea of privitization differs greatly from Bush's idea. I'm still on the idea though.

3) A journalist or columnist is what I really want to do. Since I've been writing online, I've changed my style and have put some personality in what I do.
4) Going with Danny? That's cool have a lot of fun. I'm thinking about somewhere nice in Ohio since I don't trust myself to wander far. Writing on my journey too is what I'm focusing on really.

5) Unfortunately, I don't have a DVD burner. I don't even have a good player.

thanks man,

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3. I also forgot to mention that this "lit crit shit" is rampant in my Lady Chatterley class. If I knew not every class would be like this, I wouldn't be so upset about it all. I'm still going to take ENG classes for my 300+ requirements.