Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Eyes on the Prize

(FYI--Universities and local libraries usually have a well stocked video/DVD library. Every university I've been at as a student/instructor has had this video available and I first saw it courtesy of the downtown St Louis library--if you can't go to a screening, check it out from your neighborhood college or library. Another reason to protect and fund your local library. Usually you do not have to attend a university to use their library and to check out materials--you just need a local/state I.D. with your current address and in my experience it is either free or costs a nominal fee.)


'Eyes on the Prize'
Copyright restrictions have kept this important documentary about the Civil Rights movement from the public -- many of the licenses for the news footage, photographs, songs and lyrics in the film expired in 1995 and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to renew. Downhill Battle is organizing screenings across the country this evening.

To Find a Screening in Your Area


Airplane Radio said...

I always wanted to see "Eye on the Prize". It's unfortunate I have a 50 dollar fine at the Lexington Library for renting out Roxy Music too long. Perhaps the Young has it.

I don't know if you read that bitching in the Kernel about how Christians are losing their voice in the American sphere and blah blah blah, but I wrote a response to it and it hopefully will get published.
I posted it here along with the article.


Thivai Abhor said...

Airplane--William T. Young does have Eyes on the Prize... I saw it in a "social movements" undergraduate course that had a profound effect on me.

I did read the editorial and it was a complete joke--what country is that lady living in. Christianity is being shoved down my throat everywhere I turn ... but after writing three different responses to conservative rants last semester that were never published, I just didn't have the energy.

Let me know if your response gets published--I'll read it in my classes.

Peace friend!

Rainbow Demon said...

Thanks for the 'Heads Up'. I really want to see this, but most of the screenings are over in our area. I wish PBS would just show it.