Wednesday, February 14, 2007

VD Gift: Mogwai

Watch/Listen to "Haunted by a Freak

kind of puts the day into a good perspective...

and for those that can't get enough, a clip of Mogwai recording this song:

Session Video

Also check out their podcast section:



Anonymous said...

WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA!!!! That headline caught my attention...took me a moment to realize you were NOT saying Mogwai was passing VD around...I do like the tune!


Robert said...

too cool, Thivai

tanks! :)

Michael Benton said...

glad you liked it... the other day i was teaching a writing class and there are these "alternative" students who have the punk pose down (attitude and look) and I was reading one of the student's papers and she mentioned her boyfriend's band is named "Godspeed" and I commented that perhaps he might want to change it as their is a good band called "Godspeed, You Black Emperor!". After class a small group of them approached me and said, no offense, but how does someone "your age" get to know a band like that... I told them I went to the Mogwai concert last year ... and liked it so much that I started investigating other similar bands... like Sigur Ros and GYBE, they seemed puzzled and as they were walking away, one of the women stopped and looked me in the eye and said "I changed my mind, you are a cool person"... cracked me up!!!