Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bob Costas Interview of George Bush at the Beijing Olympics

(In case, like us, you don't have TV hooked up at home, here is the interview. Courtesy of Nate Hinerman.)

The Huffington Post has a good analysis and a longer clip:

Sportscaster Bob Costas Shows Up Political Colleagues In Bush Interview


Brainwise said...

Hmmmm....Bob Costas as the host of MEET THE PRESS? That could work.

I recall his late 80s talk show, LATER WITH BOB COSTAS, and just how impressed I was with his interviewing skills and the pedigree of his guests. Twenty years later, maybe MEET THE PRESS is the the next logical step for him.

Michael Benton said...


You should check out Lewis Lapham's editorial in this month's Harper's--it is about the media/politico deification of the recently deceased Tim Russert as a critical journalist.