Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sci Fi Dimensions: Richard K. Morgan

(Morgan's novel Market Forces was one of my favorite reads this year and I look forward to what he can do with the fantasy genre. In this interview he critiques the limiting American warrior mystique, the childish limits of mainstream fantasy, the sexual orientation of the current book's protagonist and discusses his writing style.)

Richard K. Morgan
Sci Fi Dimension
Host: Richard K. Morgan

Interview with Richard K. Morgan, author of the new fantasy novel (his first foray outside of science fiction) The Steel Remains. Richard is best known for his first novel Altered Carbon, a cyberpunk detective-noir thriller that introduced readers to Takeshi Kovacs, a military-trained assassin who lives in a future in which human personalities can be backed-up and downloaded into new bodies. Altered Carbon won the 2003 Philip K. Dick Award. Richard has written two more Takeshi Kovacs adventures (Broken Angels and Woken Furies), as well as the “Road Warrior meets Wall Street” novel Market Forces. Richard’s 2007 novel Black Man (published in the US as Thirteen) just won the Arthur C. Clarke Award.

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