Friday, August 29, 2008

CALL FOR PEACE HELPERS: “FrancisFest 2008…Making Peace, Mending Seams” (Lexington, KY)

Drama students and adults; Cooperative games facilitators

“FrancisFest 2008…Making Peace, Mending Seams”
ArtsPlace Performance Hall
161 N. Mill Street, Lexington KY
October 5, 2008 (Sunday) 2:30-5:30 p.m.

Eligibility – Middle School to Adult
Deadline for Submission of Application Form – September 22, 2008

Event Description
FrancisFest 2008 is an intergenerational day of activities on the theme of mending what’s broken, an active, peace education event. It has three components: 1) Storytelling - on being aware of mending seams between people, communities, towns, countries; 2) Making peace thru piece-building art - an exhibit of K-12 art made entirely from broken pieces; and 3) Cooperative games for all ages – on learning how fun it is to work and cooperate with one another in order to succeed. The event sponsors are Franciscan Peace Center, Open Ground, Living Arts & Science Center, and Central Kentucky Council for Peace & Justice.

Project Scope for Drama Students
This call encompasses a 15-20 min. performance in an adaptation of a 13th century legend The Taming of the Fierce Wolf of Gubbio by storyteller Hilary Mullany, OSF. Up to twenty people (student/adult mix) are asked to mime the townspeople, Francis, and Lady Jacoba as the story is narrated. One rehearsal at ArtsPlace on Saturday October 4 at 2 p.m. is required. Total time commitment: 4 hours (includes participation in FrancisFest events).

Project Scope for Cooperative Games Facilitators
This call encompasses a 2-part event: learning games and leadership skills thru play (2 to 3 hours), then using what you've learned to help facilitate the game portion of FrancisFest 2008 (1 to 2 hours). Don Boklage of Open Ground Open Ground Info will lead this training, useful in every group setting. Training session will be held on Saturday October 4 (location and time to be announced).

Total time commitment: 3 to 5 hours.

Submission of Application to Franciscan Peace Center due by September 22, 2008.
Mail application to Franciscan Peace Center, 3389 Squire Oak Drive, Lexington KY 40515, or request and submit application by e-mail at If you have any questions, contact Patricia Griffin, Community Liaison, at 859.230.1986

Visit our web page at Franciscan Peace Center

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